Specials and Promotions

Laser Hair Removal

8 Treatments 

Small Areas $199

Medium Areas $349

Large Areas $599

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

3 Treatments Face, Cheeks or Decollete $199

6 Treatments Face, Cheeks or Decollete $299

4 Treatments Hands $249

Peel Your Way to Perfect Skin

Regular $510  

6 Treatments

2 Treatments at 40%

2 Treatments at 50%

Special Price $384 

Skin Plan Membersips

 We are now offering Skin Plans.  
Your exclusive access to year-long professional personal care. Whether it’s consistency in your skincare regime or a more holistic approach we have put together programs that work.  Through a combination of in clinic treatments and specialized home care, the health club concept is dedicated to truly transforming your face, skin, and body in noticeable ways. It’s about results. It’s about individual needs. We have created easily adaptable plans tailored to you, for you.


With all skin plans, enjoy savings off the entire package and it is invoiced monthly. In addition, save 10% on all regular priced skincare products, spa services & fashion boutique purchases.  

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